Valentines Day

By: Samantha Leader

Valentine’s Day is an important day for everyone; loved ones, family members, and friends. It is a time to celebrate romance and love, but the history of this holiday goes back many years to the ancient Romans. This Holiday was known as a day of fertility and love, but it is now a day of celebration where loved ones are either buying jewelry, dinner and singles spending time with friends or alone. The tradition has changed drastically since it first came about. The day brings different joy for singles, relationships and marriages.

Here we will hear the point of view from all of those individuals.

When you are single people look at the holiday as a sad day where they end up eating alone with a box of chocolate. In reality, when you are single, this holiday is more stress free than anything else, according to Kristen Golden. I usually do a girls weekend away with all of my other single girlfriends, last year we all went to Boston for the weekend. It consisted of a lot of wine, quality time, chocolate and dinners.

“It is a nice way to enjoy the holiday without the stress and pressure of buying gifts for a significant other and having to plan an extravagant night,” Golden said.

Many people say this holiday is more of a women’s holiday then a men’s now. According to Nicholas Sherwood, coming from a man’s point of view when you are a single guy the holiday is very insignificant. “It is just another day for a single guy unlike women who spend it with girlfriends and still celebrate,” he said. “People should show love for each other every day, not just one.”

Coming from a man in a relationship, the point of view does not change too much. Corey Barnes, 25, says he thinks the holiday is stupid but also can be nice. “Most people just celebrate it because that is what the social norm is, I don’t mind it, but it shouldn’t be as big as everyone makes it out as,” Barnes said.

In a relationship, there are many expectations for this holiday such as what to get someone, where to get dinner, what wine to buy, etc.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love for your significant other when you are in a relationship, according to Julie Tran. Not that you should not show them you love them any day of the year, but it is a day devoted to expressing that love in an “extra” way.

“I appreciate this day before everyone works 40+ hours a week, maintaining a house and families; it gives you the opportunity to set aside your busy life aside and appreciate your loved ones,” Tran said.

On this day, my boyfriend and I express it by the gesture of a little “meaningful gift” or a gift that would benefit the both of us such as a little trip, following that is a dinner that allows us to spend a quality hour or two to ourselves, she said.

Valentine’s Day is still nice as a married couple, but it turns into more of a family event then just the couple, according to Pauline Shanley. My husband and I usually spend it at home and include our kids in what we have planned for the night which the past couple years have been making a nice dinner and exchanging something small, she said. A nice card and flowers is what is usually exchanged on this holiday.

“I think it is a holiday really made for dating,” Shanley said.

The point of views on Valentine’s Day change varying the man, women, dating, married, and single. The point of the holiday stays the same throughout the generations, to spread love and thankfulness to everyone who plays an important role in your life.