By: Mary McCandless

“We are how we treat each other when the day is done!”
Nothing More by: The Alternative Routes

A funny thing happened the other day; I was driving down the road and noticed a bumper sticker that said, “Exercise Tolerance.” I looked at it and said, “Very true; we all should be a little more tolerant.” What surprised me was this very car did the unexpected they were intolerant and honked their horn at a car in front of them and then sped round the corner. I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head.

We as a society deal with tolerance in our everyday lives. We have to tolerate things, actions or people that we may not agree with. As parents, we need to exercise a lot of patience for our child who may become unruly and throw a temper tantrum. We will tolerate for a short time, but we have to put a stop to it. If we do not, then we are telling the child that it is ok to act out, and that will only reinforce their bad behavior.

The same can be said to the boss or person who is just getting on your last nerve, whether it is their insensitive actions or opinions that may not agree with we try to ignore it. Sometimes it is difficult to ignore, so what can you do? Tolerance can be hard especially when you keep it in or do not change your situation to avoid it. It can lead to stress and high blood pressure and who needs that? It is okay to let that person know that their actions are unsettling, and that you would prefer they keep opinions or actions away from you. In the situation of a boss, if it is that unbearable, find another job or try to avoid contact with your boss.

We are in a less tolerant world today. Our impatience and need to get everything done in a millisecond has led us to it. Who or what is to blame for this? Have our opinions become so fractured that we cannot agree to disagree and move on? Can we slow down just a little and realize that everyone cannot be like us? Has technology taken us too far? For me, as an Aries we are the least tolerant people. We are impatient and move at warp speed and expect everyone to be at the same speed we are going. Aries expects people to know what they are thinking and to be acting on it before we even say anything. I know that is crazy, and It has always been hard for me to be tolerant since I have those traits. So what have I done? I have to stop myself and realize that I need to slow down. Not everyone is moving as fast as me nor can they read my mind. When I do stop myself, I find that I can get more done in less time. The stresses that I put on myself made me waste time.

What can all of us do to be more tolerant? When we find ourselves losing our patience, stop yourself and think through the situation. If you are in a traffic jam, put on some soothing music because there is nothing you can do about it, and it may make you feel better. Do you have a person who is always getting on your last nerve? The best thing to do is explain to that person why you feel that way. It could save a friendship or make your work enviroment much better.

In the end, if we are all a bit more tolerant, it might become contagious and who knows maybe we can help change the world! Heaven knows we need it. Now that would be wonderful!

Happy Holidays!