The Big Picture Approach To Breast Cancer

Dr. Kara Kort, Medical Director St. Joseph’s Bres Care & Surgery Ctr.

The St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center suite in Northeast Medical Center is undergoing an exciting transformation. The space is being redesigned to include women’s imaging services and enhancements that bring breast care team members into one space, improving the patient experience and patient care. Dr. Kara Kort, Medical Director for St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center is excited about the changes and the positive impact they will have on patient care and provider collaboration.

“I am most excited to see all of our great services really come together. St. Joseph’s Health currently has an excellent breast care program and bringing more services and providers together in the same space will only serve to benefit our patients,” said Dr. Kort. “The renovated breast care suite nurtures patients’ spirits while providing high-quality medical care in a convenient and efficient fashion.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women affecting nearly 235,000 per year. It is not surprising that many experience fear and anxiety associated with annual mammograms or being told there is something suspicious found on a scan. The improved breast care suite is designed to meet the needs of women who are just having routine imaging but also provides the opportunity for those patients whose imaging may reveal a finding to meet with breast care professionals immediately, helping to reduce anxiety.

“Our holistic approach to breast care provides a reassuring and calm environment for patients. Even something that seems as simple as allowing patients the luxury of changing their clothing once and coming right over to see their provider can make a vast difference in the experience,” said Dr. Kort.
The Breast Care and Surgery Center continues to partner with St. Joseph’s Imaging but now offers the added convenience of St. Joseph’s Imaging women’s imaging services located inside the suite.

“Breast imaging is an integral part of caring for patients, and our team is constantly reviewing patients’ mammograms and ultrasounds with our radiology colleagues,” said Dr. Kort. “To have women’s imaging physically in the same office as our highly-trained team of breast care specialists improves efficiency, communication and provides an atmosphere of comfort and convenience for patients and providers which results in better care.”

St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center is a comprehensive center of excellence for breast health, consisting of an interdisciplinary team of experts who provide diagnostic care, treatment and follow up based on national standards of care.

St. Joseph’s Health’s coordinated approach provides for the best possible results for outcomes, prognosis and emotional support. The renovated breast care suite is one more way St. Joseph’s

Health patients will experience advanced medical care and integrated health counseling in comfort and with confidence.

Said Dr. Kort of the overall transformation of the breast care and surgery space: “We are blessed to have ability to make this center come together, and I’m privileged to be a part of creating a space where patients can come and their whole person be cared for. Practicing good, compassionate medicine is really about people and relationships, and we have a great team who truly care about their patients and one another.”

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