On The Move with Nixon Pack Properties

One of the houses at the upcoming Parade of Homes has a fresh face behind it. Or perhaps it’s a face you’ve seen before on TV. Kaylea Nixon, a local television personality (and previous host of Bridge Street on NewsChannel 9) is designing and staging a house with JMG Custom Homes. Kaylea and her husband Jon owns Nixon Pack Properties and specializes in real estate, design, and DIY’s. They were brought on by JMG to give the Parade House a new flavor, and that’s just what the Nixon Pack hopes to accomplish. The way Kaylea puts it, “We don’t want it to feel like we took a corner of a furniture store and plopped it down in this new home. We’re working to achieve a collected, lived-in, layered look.” She also wants it to be a space that inspires each person who walks through the door. Kaylea says, “Whether it be the young couple saving up to buy their first home, someone who has been putting off that much-needed kitchen renovation, or just a person waiting for the right inspiration to take on a new DIY, I hope this house speaks to them in some way.”

This is the first Parade of Homes the Nixon Pack has worked on and Kaylea said she had a big aha moment recently. “I’ve always been fascinated by all the moving parts that go into making a house a home and the amount of people that put their blood, sweat and tears into building the structure.” The time spent making every decision of the how’s and the where’s and the choice of the materials. Then you get to the best part where you breathe life into it and craft it around the family who will live there. We feel so grateful to be a part of this process and the love that will go into these walls.”

Kaylea and Jon are working together on the Parade House, but this isn’t the first project they’ve done together. In fact, these college sweethearts started their business while still in school at Siena College. “My Dad was a real estate guru for 44 years. I spent summers shadowing his every move, as one of his students in his mentoring classes, attending open houses, translating for Spanish-speaking clients. I learned the business from him, and at a very young age fell in love with all aspects of owning a home. As poor college kids, I suggested to Jon that we get our real estate licenses to help pay our way through school.” Since buying their first home when Kaylea was just 21, they’ve owned and renovated 6 of their own houses in 10 years. “We fell into the renovation part of this out of necessity. When we bought our first home, all we could afford was a fixer upper, and we had no money left for repairs. So we learned very quickly about the value of sweat equity. I think it was a surprise to both of us how much we loved all the elbow grease, working together, and every aspect of making a house a home.” Jon is the handyman of the two, doing much of the work on their projects himself. Kaylea has the eye for design, and uses her real estate background to help make selections best for resale. Once family and friends caught on to the work, they were doing on their own homes, they started asking to hire them for their houses and Nixon Pack Properties was formed.

Having lived in Chicago for the past five years, Kaylea and Jon have recently moved back to Central New York starting their own home show, Walkthrough Wednesday. “I had been looking for a way to combine my experience as a spokesperson, a Realtor, a home designer, and to provide something of value to my friends and followers. One day, the idea of doing a show with weekly house tours, real estate nuggets, and design inspiration came to me, and I couldn’t shake the excitement.” She contacted her good friends Kristen and Jake of Call of the Loon Productions, and they immediately partnered together to create the home show. “There is so much beauty in the communities across Central New York, and I feel so grateful to be able to bring people along with us each week to see everything from fixer uppers and new builds, various price ranges and unique styles of homes.” Jon wasn’t originally going to host each episode alongside Kaylea, but their chemistry and the spontaneity he brings to the show adds that missing piece. “We sought out to provide a look into the floor plans and values of houses around us, some DIY ideas, and renovation suggestions, but if we also succeed in giving you a laugh or two, that makes our day.”

Kaylea documents their own Pack Projects on their Instagram @nixonpack daily, where you can catch a glimpse of their five rescue dogs and sweet toddler with a toolbelt, their two-year-old son, Grey. You can see Walkthrough Wednesday each week on the Nixon Pack’s Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV, and you can visit the home they’ve designed with JMG Custom Homes at the Parade of Homes October 13-28 at Crown Point in Jamesville.

Visit www.nixonpack.com to see current projects and to contact Jon and Kaylea.