Nascentia Health’s Eldercare Social Day Program

By: Amy Davis, LPN, Director of Nascentia Healthcare Social Day Program

Many people are faced with a senior parent(s) who needs to be cared for. It can be scary when taking on that responsibility. There are many adjustments to be made; changing your home to make room for them, along with other needs they may have. There is a program offered at Nascentia Health that can put you at ease.  Below are some questions often asked and today we are answering them for you.

Q: Who can attend Nascentia Health’s Eldercare Social Day Program?

A: The program creates a social setting for participants and a respite for at-home caregivers. To create an environment that’s both safe and fulfilling, participants must:

  • Be able to benefit from the program;
  • Be able to remain safe while attending the program;
  • Be able to be redirected;
  • Be able to stand with the assistance of one to transfer to a chair or toilet;
  • Have manageable incontinence;
  • Attend the program a minimum of one day each week; and
  • Be present for lunch each day they attend the program.

Q: What are the hours of operation?     

A: Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm, closed major holidays

Q: What assistance is provided if needed?

A: Our staff of trained professionals can assist with eating, toileting, transfers and ambulation, as well as medication reminders.

Q: What is the daily rate fee?

A: There are half and full-day rates available.  Total cost is contingent upon number of hours spent at the program.  Current rate is less than $65.00 per day.

Q: Is there financial assistance available to assist with the cost?

A:  Yes.  A Caregiver Respite Program funded by the Administration for Community Living, the New York State Office for Aging and the Onondaga County Office for the Aging is available for those who are 60 years of age or older and meet eligibility requirements. Managed Long-Term Care Programs will also cover the program cost for eligible members.

Q: I have a parent who needs to move in with me. I am not sure if I can juggle work and care for her at the same time.  Is this a place where she can interact with people her own age while I am at work?

A: Yes, our program will allow you to be at work worry-free while your parent can enjoy the benefits of spending the day with peers her own age.

Q: My parent lives with me but when I am at work I worry that she is lonely and not active enough, what can I do?

A:  This is a common question.  Aside from all participants being closely monitored and supervised, our program has many benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • decreased incidence of incontinence and skin breakdown;
  • improved word retrieval & association;
  • increased confidence & feelings of self-worth;
  • increased mobility;
  • opportunities for creative expression through music, arts and crafts;
  • cultivating friendships and enjoying companionship; and
  • reduced incidence of agitation & challenging behavior.

Q: I would like to take my parent to a program, but I worry about her health while she is there.  Will there be someone on staff that is qualified to identify if something is wrong?

A:  Absolutely — getting to know participants is an essential part of providing them with quality care.  Every time a participant starts in our program, we obtain all the pertinent information that we need to know ensure that all staff can easily identify any potential problems that could arise.  Additionally, we keep in contact with the caregiver to make sure that any medical needs are considered. And, we make certain to stay connected and keep the lines of communication open in the event needs change.

Q: What services are provided?

A: The following is a small sample of the services provided, all in a very home-like atmosphere:

  • Arts & Crafts;
  • Educational Programs;
  • Entertainment;
  • Exercise Programs;
  • Family Counseling & Support;
  • Medication Regimen Reminders;
  • Nutritious Lunch & Snacks;
  • Personal Care Assistance;
  • Reminiscing Opportunities;
  • Socialization; and
  • Supervision & Monitoring.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: To schedule a free guest day, tour, or learn more about Nascentia Health’s Eldercare Social Day Program please contact Program Director, Amy Davis at 315.424.1003 or