Meet Sarah Hamilton – Achieving Goals Beyond Imagination!

By: Abbey Adams

sarahH22,639 miles separate Sarah Hamilton from her hometown of Webster, NY. Following her dreams of becoming involved in TV production; this 19-year-old sophomore film and television production major at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California) is dangerously determined.

Becoming a published author before her high-school graduation is just the first shiny award on a shelf of many others… Hamilton is a woman of several trades. “I just remember, before I could form full sentences I was always writing, listening, and making up stories. I just liked being involved with art and all those different avenues,” says Hamilton. After speaking with her on the phone, I can sense never-ending determination that runs through her young veins.

As determined as she is, Hamilton knew Los Angeles was the right fit for her. Loyola Marymount University ranks 8th nationally for their school of film & television. They also have an award-winning newspaper, yearbook, and television network, all the creative outlets Sarah has interests in. Hamilton says, “I liked it (LMU) since I first visited. It’s really perfect. It’s why I chose here in the first place.” Her dorm room views include everything from the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Ocean. “And the sunsets, let me tell ya. It’s nice until it takes up my entire camera roll,” she says to me. I can almost see a smile through the phone.

Hamilton’s first taste at stardom was the release of her novel, titled “The Enchantress.” A fairy-tale inspired story about a 16-year-old stuck in a new world seeking her way back home (Hamilton’s favorite TV show is ABC’s Once Upon A Time). Published in early 2015, ahead of Sarah’s high-school graduation, it was something she couldn’t ever fathom happening.

Nevertheless, her determination led her there. “It was something I always really wanted to do. I remember in 3rd grade. I had come to this realization of ‘of course I want to write a book one day’, but I was so inspired to have one out before graduating high school. I wanted to be like ‘you don’t have to follow all these, you’re too young you’re too old’ rules.” This Upstate NY-native has never limited herself.

Her creativity is so natural; it practically flows out of her. Besides taking classes in college, she continues to write, and has recently become more involved with her YouTube channel (Sarah Hamilton). She documents some of her exciting adventures in LA to show friends and family what she’s up to. Not only is it enjoyable, but she also gets to play around with her filmmaking skills during the process. “It’s fun to be able to be a storyteller through so many different platforms,” she says.

Relocating halfway across the country can be nerve wracking, especially for a teenager. We’ve all seen California in the movies; the palm trees and beating sunshine, not to mention celebrity sightings.

The two of us bonded over our shared love of the movie La La Land; a story of two people following their dreams in Los Angeles learning valuable lessons along the way.

“My favorite thing about being able to watch that (La La Land) is walking out of the theatre and still kind of being in that world.” Sarah’s friends and family have been extremely supportive throughout all of her creative endeavors, including her big move. “I wasn’t really expecting to like it here (LA) as much as I do. I knew I would, but when I got here I realized this is truly the best decision.” Hamilton mentioned to me that when she arrives home to Webster, NY, she visits with a new perspective on life. Something she learned from being thrown into a brand-new place with all unknown faces so far away from home. She also told me how badly she missed Wegmans… I don’t blame her.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Sarah, it’s that she is far from slowing down. When asked where she’ll be five years from now, she said, “I just hope I’m really happy, and I can keep doing the things I love. I’d love to keep directing and writing and just keep telling stories. Hopefully, the stories can keep reaching out to people.”

If you want to follow Sarah’s journey, take initiative and do whatever you want. If you want it bad enough, and work hard, it will happen. “Don’t forget to believe in yourself,” she says.

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