Making Art Fun Creating your own Masterpiece

By: Audrey Levinson

This month I am sharing a different way to create art and At Painting With a Twist (PWT) in DeWitt, NY the good times never stop. I spoke with one of the owners, Nicole Ginsburg. She told me her story and so much more about this painting business. People come to relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy the process of painting an actual canvas while having a lot of fun in the process… It’s art for everyone. No one would be turned away because they think they can’t paint. So, I was treated to a group of unrelated women who would be working with Jack the instructor. The subject: a bonsai tree on a rock. The colors red, gold, black. We were instructed down to which brush to use when and what color to put on where. Of course, no two were exactly alike but the directions are loosely given so that each painting looks like an intrinsic, cathartic masterpiece. It was really fun!

All of my worries and stresses floated away with every stroke of the brush. Jack, our artist was not only talented in art. He plays the guitar too and possesses a great sense of humor. All the art teachers at PWT have a certain flair and wittiness to add to their instruction. This keeps things light and non-judgmental as it should be. Their goal is to take you along the journey of creating your own masterpiece without having to be an artist. There is no right or wrong in what you create, it is yours and yours alone. For the non artist, they will show you how to mix the basic colors to create a blend of various colors. It is the Art of having fun, and fun you will have. The artist will mix it up with jokes, games and face painting with a prize for winners.

Nicole one of the owners has been involved with marketing and sales since she was 15. She also met someone who does haunted houses in a park and was looking for a marketing expert who had some acting experience and other qualifications. Nicole fit the profile to a T. She has created and opened “Escape the Estate” in Shoppingtown (DeWitt, NY) and went on to open the Museum of Intrigue at Destiny USA. These family entertainment venues are based on solving mysteries using a variety of clues. I know you’re thinking what does this all have to do with” In Art?” In the past, I’ve always written about visual artists in the upstate area. They are all so wonderful in their own right. This is a different swing on things. Painting With a Twist and these other breakout game establishments rely on the same part of the brain that the artists use; The right side of the brain. Nicole is an inventor of events. She claims that she is not an artist and maybe not with the brush, but she has wonderful creative ideas and knows how to put them together. One of her other affairs is called Glitter Gala where she raises money for charity by essentially running an event that supports women and their daughters. They now have two sessions, a day or evening of pampering such as hair, nails, make up and the like.

They come in droves to Drumlins CC once a year wearing their gowns, Mommy and daughter too. Men are certainly allowed to bring their daughter to this event as well. By creating the event she has given donations to Galisano Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish, Landmark Theater, and more. She told me that once a month PWT donates funds to a charity. Nicole attended Herkimer Community College where she majored in radio/television. She changed to a field that would be more lucrative for her future and went to Columbia University for marketing. Painting With a Twist has a wide variety of classes. You could take a three-hour class on painting your pet or pick from 10,000 paintings that you would like to paint.

They offer private birthday parties or parties for any kind of group of 10 or more. In the day that I was there, I walked in and on the floor, there were wide strips of white paper taped down to the floor and little easels side by side and back to back in three rows. Of course, I had to ask what this was all about. It was in preparation for the next day. 55 pre-school students would descend on PWT and paint. I am sure that will be a great experience for these little ones. I wish I could have been an invisible observer for that, just to hear those precious 3 and four-year-old conversations about what they were doing. Are you ready to make your own creation? Check out their website for upcoming classes, you will be glad you did.