Keeping It Chemical Free

By: Samantha Leader

Many people have illnesses and allergies that reduce the amount of products they can use on their bodies. Davines, a group whose goal is to secure a future for the planet and it inhabitants, have set out to complete the sustainable development goals and help these individuals. Anne Marie Mesiti, Salon Amarti, has incorporated all of these products and goals into her new salon that opened in January 2018 in downtown Syracuse. Mesiti started Davines training back in the summer in Palm Spring, California.

“Davines is a B Corporation which means it has chosen the route of responsible enterprise, a way of doing business that aims to create a positive impact on the society in which it operates,” Mesiti said.

All of these products differ from the products sold in other salons because they are made from wind, solar, water and earth and 70% of the packaging come from solid waste recycled or recovered out of it. The color itself that is used in the salon are 87% biodegradable, Mesiti said. Biodegradable color means that it is good for the person’s skin, scalp, and environment unlike many of the other colors that salons use.
Along with Davines products, Mesiti’s salon is a green circle salon. This helps make sure all of the products are natural, and it helps reduce the business’s waste, improve energy and water efficiency.

According to Mesiti, there is no way to say if any products are allergy free because some of the products are made with caper blossoms and others are made with tomatoes. People could be allergic to both of those formulas. She has not seen an allergic reaction to any of these products because of the natural substances.

“Certain Davine’s Salons hold Mondays for Cancer patients,” Mesiti said. This way a cancer patient can come, get their hair done and washed with sulfate free, natural products that will not give their scalp and body reactions.

The colors that are used for these patients, and others are Vibrachrom and A New Color. Vibrachrom is low ammonia content that is quinoa based from sustainable farmers in Peru. Quinoa is a protein, and carb mixed which your hair needs to be healthier and stronger. A New Color is also an ammonia-free color line that is enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong antioxidant action. The colors stay longer and don’t fade.

Davines work hard to give back to the community and the kids by having the hair stylist give their time to volunteer and teach hair to men and women, that they rescue over in Cambodia. They have fruit planning projects where they plant fruit trees, and many more activities that help the community and environment. Employees of Davines even get special four business days off for volunteering circumstances.
Mesiti informed us that working with Davines or running a Green Circle Salon requires certain training because of the products that are used in it.

This salon has many natural, 100% recycled products that will be making your hair feel fresh and have much volume. The many different lines including the essential line that is picked, produced and packed in 24 hours. Along with the products, the salon uses fashion weeks, Joseph DeMaggio’s blow dryers and brushes, Mesiti said.

The Salon is located at 451 S. Warren Street, Syracuse N.Y. 13202