How Healthy Is Your Scalp?

When it comes to maintaining your health, many people associate being active and eating healthy with weight loss. It’s easy to assume that if someone is thin or in shape, they are healthy. Chances are they are healthy on the inside as well but there are multiple health factors that go beyond what the human eye can see and often remain undetected until it’s too late. Even our hair can give the appearance of being healthy. We assume that if we wash our hair several times a week, we are doing enough to keep it that way, and if it looks clean, then our scalp must also be healthy.


Unfortunately, most shampoos on the market today can do more harm than good. Toxic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbates, or polyethylene glycol are all components that can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp. These chemicals will give the appearance of healthy robust hair but again, looks can be deceiving.

We expose our locks to the outside elements on a daily basis. Everything from air pollution to the sun damages our hair and scalp. Because the damage typically goes undetected for so long, most people aren’t aware of any damage until they start losing their hair. In some cases, this can lead to baldness. How often do you think of the health of your scalp?

What if you could reverse some of the damage and prevent this type of hair loss from occurring? At Genesis II, they offer a Multi-Therapeutic approach designed to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair. The products are developed by doctors and hair-loss experts and are made for men and women combating damaged hair and scalps, thinning hair, and hair loss of all types.

The Multi-Therapeutic approach is made up of proven growth activators, hair Nutritionals, complete supplements and sulfate free DHT Blocking Bio-Therapy Shampoo and topical treatments.

Most of us are familiar with Minoxidil, an FDA proven hair regrowth topical with a fairly high success rate. Well, Genesis II has found a way to use Minoxidil and make it more effective. As part of the approach, they mix the Minoxidil with a Carrier Enhancement Agent which keeps it in a liquid state longer in order to penetrate down into the follicle and have a maximum effect on the growth of the hair shaft.

Hair-loss experts recommend combining this approach with Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) in order to obtain the best results. Combining these patented formula hair products and Nutritionals with Laser Hair Therapy, men and women all over the world has experienced continued successful hair growth. By adding the laser light therapy hair growth will be accelerated. LHT is a non-surgical, medically tested, non-toxic, and painless hair-loss treatment. This treatment is used to prevent hair loss, thinning hair, and treat scalp issues, and could be done in the privacy of your own home.

According to Jeanine Stevenson, consultant at Genesis II, one of the most important things you can do is question your hair loss as soon as you notice it.

If you’re interested preventing future hair loss from occurring and learning more about Genesis II’s Hair-Loss Treatment and Prevention options visit their website at Or call Genesis II at (315) 458-1074 to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis and learn more about your overall hair and scalp health. Genesis II offers all proven hair replacement solutions for both men and women in the Central New York area.