Homestead at the Yard

By: Samantha Leader

Decorating a house can be a stressful activity, a person can go back and forth on their vision for each room. Do they want vintage, modern, boho, etc., and sometimes it is hard to find those perfect items at the local stores. Chris Eposito, owner of the Homestead at the yard, started what was once called the Colonial House fitter 14 years ago, making her vision for decorating come true.

Chris has always had a passion for antiques, loving the look of them in a home but there was nothing similar around the Syracuse area. When her kids were off to college, Chris and her husband decided to start this store.

“My husband is a contractor in downtown Syracuse, turning buildings into apartments, lofts, etc…. Therefore, he helps with finding products for the store, but it is essentially my main thing,” Chris said.
Chris and her husband make mini vacations out of their trips to different areas, looking for products for the store, mainly in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The homestead is made up of American made antiques and primitive antiques. According to Chris, it gets into where urban meets farm and is made of new materials and refurnished materials.

“My store was in Jamesville, NY until I met John Freightenburg at the Ironwood and he talked about his vision at the yard,” Chris said. At that moment, we both decided that my shop would be a good fit with antique products, she said.

At that time, Chris shut down her shop in Jamesville and decided to relocate. She was closed for almost a year until she reopened in Manlius, NY in December, 2017. “I was afraid that I may have lost a lot of clientele shutting down for a year but when I had my grand opening in December everyone followed me and showed up,” Chris said. “My clientele are who made me who I am today and have made me and my shop thrive,” she said.
The homestead has clients that travel to shop in her store from New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, and more. They come from all around the world. Her clients made what started as a way for her to express herself and what she loved to something even more meaningful.

According to Chris, the Homestead changes its products for holidays along with their hours that vary on the Holidays. The week before Thanksgiving to Christmas the store is open from Wednesday to Sunday and in May to October it is open Wednesday to Saturday along with one Sunday a month.
The Homestead’s normal business hours aside from the holidays is Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Take a minute in your day to stop into the Homestead to find unique products for decorating your home, a friend’s home, or family members!

John, on the other hand, decided that a coffee shop would be a great adventure and addition for the Barn. His long term plans are to have outdoor events during the year. His cafe recently opened and holds the rustic barn feel that is relaxing for all who come.