Have You Met Your Doppelganger?

By: Mary McCandless

Have you ever had someone mistaken you for someone else? Maybe they thought you were someone else from some place that you have never been. I think it happens to all of us, but do our doppelgangers actually exist? Years ago a saw a man who was a spitting image of my brother, he had the exact same facial features, etc. I would see him maybe three times a week and so I decided to carry a picture of my brother to stop and show this person. A couple of weeks went by and there he was again. I ran up to him and said I have to tell you; you are an exact duplicate of my brother. He laughed and then I showed him the picture, sure enough he agreed. My brother who lives in Florida has a Doppelganger right here in Central NY! I called my brother and told him, but he did not believe it. Some time later, my brother came up to NY and we drove to the place where I saw his double and sure enough there he was! Of course, he agreed but pointed out that he was a little shorter than him, etc…. However, at the end of the day; it was his double.

For me, many people tell me that I look exactly like someone they have either met or know, but I have never seen them. Hmmm. Do we possibly live in a parallel universe, and they are on the other side? Could be! Sometimes it is hard to imagine that we are the only living things in this universe.

Maybe we are not as unique as we think. Do our doppelgangers think the same way that we do, or have the same set of values? Just when we think that we are unique maybe we are not. I think that I would like to meet mine and see if we are truly doubles. I would also want to get to know this person to see how much alike we really are. Do we share the same genetic lines or is looking alike just a fluke? We humans are a pretty diverse group and with over 8 billion of us on this earth, I guess that there may be room for duplicates. Maybe the gene pool is not as big as we think.

There are so many questions with very few answers. I would love to see a website that allows people to upload a photo of themselves and then just search a photo recognition database for their double. Of course, each person once they are found would agree to meet or communicate with their double. Just think if there are three or four of you out there? Now that would be interesting!

I personally would want to do a genetic test to see how closely we may be in relation to heritage and traits. Maybe there is more here than meets the eye too. If there is a genetic connection how did it occur? Is our DNA not as unique as the medical professionals think, and if that is true, can we utilize this knowledge to help with illnesses? It is all mind boggling and worth exploring. Now we just need someone to create a face-recognition app that we can use to find our doubles or triple who knows maybe there are dozens.

Just saying!