Hair Extensions

If you ask Alicia Elsner of Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio what services they offer she’ll smile and tell you, all of them. Hollywood starlets have certainly increased the popularity of hair extensions over the past several years and created a huge demand in the market place for them. One of Genesis II’s most popular services is hair extensions, and they are fulfilling the demand for professional-looking hair extensions right here in Central New York.


Alicia will tell you that not all hair extensions are created equal. “At Genesis II, our exclusive Reallusions Hair Extensions are hand-crafted from 100% human hair, and we only use our exclusive non-damaging application techniques, to ensure the safest and best-looking extensions you can buy, which are on par with Hollywood standards.” said Elsner.

Most of her clients are seeking out hair extensions to add volume and/or length to their hair, but anyone looking to temporarily change up their look is also a great candidate for hair extensions. “When I met with Genesis II, they were friendly it was a safe environment, and they were knowledgeable. I love my hair extensions because they are well blended, and they match the color of my hair to a T.” said Robin of Syracuse.


Genesis II offers extensions in a wide variety of hair lengths, textures and colors. The staff at Genesis II has multiple years of experience in both matching hair color and applying the extensions in a “hair friendly” manner. The Reallusions Hair Extensions are not sewn into natural hair, which has been proven to damage hair. At Genesis II, we use a method that will not damage existing hair or cause hair loss. There is no need to fear the extension horror stories floating around out there. Alicia and her staff pride themselves on offering the best and safest services available.

“I actually have to show my friends my extensions because people don’t believe I have them in. That’s how natural looking, they look.” Robin also said. For over 40 years, Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio has earned the respect of their clients by always providing the best in customized service using the latest state-of-the-art technology. “Obtaining the most natural results available is our goal every time we provide a service for a client, ” said Alicia Elsner, co-owner of Genesis II.

Whether you’re looking for top notch professional looking hair extensions, or maybe you’re suffering from hair loss, Genesis II offers all proven hair replacement solutions for both men and women in the Central New York area. Visit to get more detailed information on hair extensions and all of Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio’s services. They would be happy to meet you for a free private consultation to answer all of your questions and hair restoration options.