Farmer Street Pantry

Owner Lynne Della Pelle Pasquale Shares her story of Applesauce & more.

By: Samantha Leader

Lynne Della Pelle Pasquale, Owner of Farmer Street Pantry, LLC, will blow you away with her amazing vegan mincemeat and applesauce. Pasquale combined her passion for history and love for baking to start Farmer Street Pantry, LLC. “I learned of the story of mincemeat being made in Syracuse during the mid 1800s which caught my attention and attracted me to mincemeat,” Pasquale said.

In fact, Mince Meat was being manufactured in Franklin Square by G. Lewis Merrell and Oscar F. Soule, who owned a canning company and invented low moisture mince meat. By the early 1900s they produced 70% of all mince meat used in the United States. Many people get intrigued when they hear the word mincemeat; it stops people and makes them ask what is it and can I taste it? Mincemeat used to have meat in it back when it was first produced with fruit and sugar, according to Pasquale.

Pasquale takes a different route by creating her mincemeat vegan morphing it into a sweeter kind made with fruit, apple cider, and raisins. The mincemeat is an all vegan product meaning it can be used for much more such as a smoothie, cheese and crackers, and yogurt.

“I have been very fortunate with my customers, who give out their family recipes with mincemeat or start crying because it reminds them of a loved one,” Pasquale said. There is as little as 1% separation between many people and a family or friend story with mincemeat.

“As a person who loves history, it is wonderful to get personal history from customers; it makes her receive as much from them as they receive from the products”, Pasquale said.

Another homemade product is her applesauce. The apples ordered in large quantities are from Wolcott, N.Y., making the apples local, according to Pasquale. “The applesauce is sweetened with maple syrup and apple cider; the cider is from Beak and Skiff apple farm, and the maple syrup is Dutch hill maple making the ingredients pure from Central N.Y., which is rare,” Pasquale said.

Farmer Street Pantry, LLC is sold at about 15 locations around Syracuse N.Y. such as Nature time, Fins and tails, Green Planet, The Stoop, Paladino farms, Chuck Hafners, Pompey Farms Store, and Nelson farm. “I have an Etsy shop online but not our own store as we are still developing our brand, when people make orders on our shop they are directed to the Nelson farm’s website to finish order,” Pasquale said.

According to Pasquale, Syracuse is a wonderful place to become an entrepreneur because there are many resources such as consultants in small business development and courses at the South Side innovation center. “This business is especially great in Syracuse because you can have access to farmers and markets while being in a central location to travel to stores in Ithaca, Rochester, etc.,” Pasquale said.

Another product that is seasonally sold, mince pie granola. Pasquale has many plans for the future regarding her business such as two new products that will be coming out soon. She is will be making two salad dressings, orange sriracha and lemon turmeric, Pasquale said. “They are brightly colored with a lot of body and flavor with a few local ingredients, one being maple syrup,” she said.

According to Pasquale, she is looking into an apple cider syrup with pure apple cider and apple cider jelly, taking syrup and reducing it to jelly. The apple cider syrup ties together with mincemeat because a lot of old mincemeat recipes called for boiled apple syrup. It was great for deserts, cocktails, meats and vegetables.

Farmer Street Pantry, LLC and its products have given as much to Lynne Pasquale as she has given to the community through her wonderful tasting products that are only going to be expanding in the years to come.