Explore the Hawley / Green Neighborhood

Take a break and spend a day in Hawley/Green where you can shop, relax, and eat. Find it all at the four corners.


Have you discovered the Hawley/Green Area? Situated at the four corners of Hawley and Catherine streets you will find Syracuse Soapworks filled with your favorite soaps, lotions, and more that are created by Rick and Jeremy. In addition find a large array of locally made and unique items such as jewelry, ceramics, textiles and other art objects.

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Thanos Import Market offers a totally different experience of savory sandwiches with fresh olives and cheeses from around the world. If you are looking for other products to compliment your meals you will find an abundance of local items that will be sure to enhance your next meal.


Hairanoia will create your favorite look and give you vibrate colors that will surely turn heads. Micheal and his team creates sophisticated styles using only natural hair care products and none of them are tested on animals. Hawley/Green is an example of Syracuse diversity that really works, and they are close to downtown and Syracuse University. So come in, relax and break up your day with looks only from Hairanoia.


Lacy’s Tapas is distinct and delicious. Laura and Cindy personify the restaurant with great customer service, along with giving back to the community with the many charities that they support. From Lamb Chop Lollipops to Baked Sole with Crabmeat and Scallops you will not leave hungry.