Exclusive Interview with 
Mimi Kennedy

Mimi Kennedy shines on CBS

Mimi Kennedy has made a triumphant return to television in the popular CBS comedy Mom. From executive producer Chuck Lorre, the series stars Emmy Award winner Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Anna Faris (Scary Movie).

Originally from Rochester, New York, Mimi has had a long love affair with acting. As a child, she attended plays with her mother, who was an actress in community theater in the Rochester area.

“I was always attracted to pretending,” Mimi said. “I think being an actress made sense to me.”

Despite what she calls the “many deaths and resurrections” her acting career has endured since the 1970s, she has proven time and time again, that a good performer’s career never dies. As a woman with a family in showbusiness, the journey wasn’t always easy though.

“Every place along the line I had reasons to know I could do it,” Mimi said. “But I was just juggling a marriage, children, a lot of things.”

From her performance as a woman suffering from cancer in Erin Brokovich, to starring as Helen in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris, Mimi has graced screens both large and small in countless acting roles. Television audiences may recognize her as Abby O’Neil in the sitcom Dharma & Greg, as Ruth Sloan in Homefront and most recently as a series regular, playing Marjorie, in CBS’s Mom.

But what makes Mimi’s work so fulfilling is when there is a deeper message being conveyed through entertainment. As she reflected on some of her most notable projects through the years, Mimi explained what made some television shows stand out over others.

“When it’s great writing – it’s Heaven,” Mimi said. “Dharma & Greg, those first three years of that five-year run — brilliant. I love Mom. Chuck Lorre and his crew are doing great writing on Mom. And of course, my fellow actors are brilliant — Allison Janney, Anna Faris, French Stewart. Homefront as a drama has absolutely brilliant, beautiful writing.”

Mimi’s talent as a comedic actress is equally matched by her ability to play dramatic on-screenroles across a wide variety of genres. Mimi says her nomination in 1993 for Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series by theAmerican Television Awards, for her performance in Homefront, gave her a newfound sense of confidence as a dramatic actress.