Eliminate the Anxiety of Cancer Related Hair Loss with a Flawless Wig

“Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life — not the whole story.”

Within the United States, approximately 38 out of every 100 women will develop cancer during their lifetime.

Since there are over 100 different types of cancer, symptoms can differ from one patient to the next. Among women, some of the most common cancers include colon, breast, skin, cervical, endometrial, lung and ovarian cancer.

While undergoing treatment, women often experience changes in their appearance. The most common being the effect of hair loss and the experience of undergoing a mastectomy. In order to cope, these women will often invest in breast forms, special bras, hats and wigs.

Why Women with Cancer Lose Their Hair

Referred to as alopecia, cancer patients often experience hair loss due to treatment. When undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, this treatment can directly affect hair follicle cells. In other cases, biological or hormonal changes can result in dry or thinning hair.

Since chemotherapy destroys all rapidly dividing cells, healthy cells are targeted in addition to cancer cells. The cells within your hair follicles are some of the fastest-growing in your body, dividing every 23 to 72 hours. When they’re destroyed,
hair-loss results. Due to these effects, cancer patients often experience more psychological problems than other patients.

Each case is unique, and the amount of hair loss depends on various factors, including the length of treatment, the type of drugs being administered, dosage, and other personal factors. Hair loss can occur gradually or rapidly, often beginning two to three weeks after chemotherapy treatment begins.

Most women will find a wig before they start shedding their hair. This makes the transition easier and less traumatic; giving peace of mind that they have a beautiful wig that is the proper fit, style and color. With this level of external support, women can continue to feel beautiful. This gives them hope for the future, which is incredibly powerful.

Stunning Wigs to Boost the Confidence of Cancer Patients

For women, losing their hair can be a devastating experience. When they begin to lose their hair, they are not only reminded of their condition, but they often feel less feminine. It is a confusing and fearful time.

In order to cope, these women can select high-quality wigs that help them eliminate the anxiety associated with hair loss. By making them feel more beautiful and confident; they experience less stress — which is critical during cancer treatment and recovery. When they feel beautiful externally, they can focus their attention on healing on internally.

Due to poorly made wigs, this option has gotten a bad rap. There are certainly some less than desirable wigs on the market, but these “fashion” wigs do not compare to medical wigs. It’s much easier to spot a bad wig than a well-crafted wig, simply because quality wigs look so natural.

A quality wig allows women to carry on within their social and professional lives, maintaining privacy regarding their current condition. Customized designs and attention to detail make all the difference — offering women a solution and more importantly, hope.

When women are able to reduce their anxiety surrounding hair loss, they can worry less about their appearance and concentrate on getting better. Cancer does not need to define them — with access to both human and synthetic wigs. They can continue to be confident, beautiful and feminine throughout the recovery process.

During such a difficult time, choosing the right wig can be challenging. At Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio, we encourage you to contact us today and make an appointment to visit with a hair-loss specialist who will work one-on-one with you to find the right wig.

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