D’s Beauty Bar

with Donna Adamo

April is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning, and by cleaning, I mean your wardrobe, your makeup and your soul. Out with the old, in with renew. Yes, renew.

Your closet is calling you.

The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. If you’re ambitious, try Poshmark, an online app where you sell good-quality clothing at a great saving. More than 700,000 people, just like you and me, buy and sell their gently-used brand named items clothes, shoes and accessories (Michael Kors, Kate Spade, even StitchFix). The app is legitimate and was founded by Tracy Sun, who traded neuroscience, for fashion. You can read about her right here:


If you’re a bit too busy to sell your used fashion online, donate to a local women’s shelter or charity and be done with it. Ah, more room in your closet for fresh air.

There are deals to be had.

Now is the time to invest in a really, really good moisturizer. There are always the go-to’s such as Roc Retinol Day or night cream in the tube. However, if every face needs a little special something, and there are bargains to be had big time, and they’ll really help clean up, but not clean out, your wallet too. I recently have found a large number of Philosophy, Origins and Dr. Perricone, MD products on the shelves at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Last night, I found a gem! I love Dr. P’s OVM anti-aging cream. The product retails on QVC, Sephora and Ulta for $170.00, which is why I rarely purchase it. I found it at TJ Maxx for $35.99 in early March 2018. I purchased it and called Perricone’s 1-800 number to make sure the lot number was good. It was. Perfect. That’s a $135.00 savings. There were many other products with similar savings as well. One of the serums on the shelf was $465 at Sephora and was on sale for $99.00. I left that one on the shelf so someone else could enjoy the product.

Also, it’s really important to toss those makeup brushes you’ve been using over and over as well. They collect bacteria from the oils on your skin. A new set of brushes is about $50, but well worth it every six months or so. Your soul needs a little l-o-v-e.  Look, I’m no preacher, but I know that one extra hour of sunlight every night soothes the soul from the long, hard winter. Spring is a time to think about what you want to bring into your life that it’s been missing. Maybe it’s time to tell someone you’re sorry, or it’s time to let go of that grudge. Maybe it’s time to be kinder to yourself.. Maybe it’s taking a karate class, a singing class, or that day trip you always say you’re going to do but never find the time. Make it a “Do You” moment.

Nature teaches us everything we need to know. Just like the fallen leaves in October each of us let go of what doesn’t work, spring birds and spring buds show us better things always come our way. Be present and pay attention to what nature is showing you. The signs are there. Sit in the silence and renew your soul. The silence will speak to you. That, my friend, is what makes spring so special. It’s a time start again and don’t look back.