D’s Beauty Bar

with Donna Adamo

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I love the month of May. The golden sun, azure skies and chirping birds are sure sign summer’s magical glow is merely a month away. May is perfect time see what’s trending on the style boards for the summer…and this year’s going to be so fun!

Sparkles, Bubblegum and Lotsa Nail Art

2 - Summer bubblegum

Prepare for a summer of fun nails! The runway is bustling with bubblegum sheers and loud geometric designs. Light pink or nude summer sheers are always in style, but this year, add a splash of glitter or metallic lines. Expect to see lots of matte blues and greens with stark stripes, sparkles, nautical, geometric styles and Bullseye dots. If you’re a bit the conservative, like me save the patterned look for your sand-drenched toes!

Beachy Hair with a Twist!

If your current hair style works for you, keep it! Low and go is the trend this summer with a tousled sun-kissed, bohemian-waved, 70s-vibe ombre. It’s the summer show-stopper of 2017. Oh yummy!

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Gradient Hair Color

The ombre, sombre and balayage are still popular, lasting far longer (happily) than anyone thought. The biggest difference with gradient hair color is women are adjusting base colors that are more natural-looking to complement the sun-kissed highlights around their face and lower strands. Gradient coloring is the perfect option when you don’t have a lot time and money and still want a sleek ‘I care, but I don’t, but I do, grown out, slightly unkempt’ look that boasts of confidence. Who doesn’t love that? [Tip: Always bring in a picture to your colorist of what you want. She/he will let you know if it’s possible. The color you see may not be the color they see. Talk it out.]

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A messy bohemian beachy wave is ‘bigly’ this summer, and very much accessorized with a clip, halo, baby’s breath, wreath or hair chain twist. The 70’s hair vibe could be the thing to – ahhhhh – slow time down with its easy, breezy lay ‘low-and-go maintenance’ style. Add some ombre and its fantastical.

Now, if you’ve been thinking of chopping your locks for a fresh summer vibe, go for it! A wavy just-below-the-ear bob is ‘the thing’ this summer, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. And the good news is, it’ll grow back to your shoulders just in time for a fall pony tail and cooler weather.

Microblading is Brow Magic

5 - Microblading

Microblading is here to stay and is only getting more popular. A form of tattooing that makes your eyebrows Audrey-Hepburn-Hollywood-fabulous; the artist uses a handheld tool to draw hair-like strokes; within your natural eyebrow structure, that mimics natural hairs in your brows. So just like a tattoo, the color pigment is implanted under your skin. (Really discuss with your artist which color is right for you, and it’s better to go lighter than darker.)

To prepare for the procedure: avoid drinking, taking aspirin and using retinol in the eyebrow area one week prior to the procedure to decrease bleeding, pain and irritation.

The procedure is mild to moderately painful and takes about a couple of hours to do. Just like getting a tattoo, you may experience mild Itching and redness in the area which can be alleviated with Vaseline. Keep in mind, brows will look slightly darker, at first, then fade up to 25-40 percent. The cost will set you back about $800-1000 but usually lasts up to three years. The real payoff is your eyebrows will look divine.