Corrine Stellakis “FIT TO REIGN”

By: Samantha Leader

Corrin Stellakis is not your average 20 year old, starting at the age of eight she was a girl with many talents. Along with being an American beauty pageant titleholder, she goes to school, tends to her horses, and owns her own business, Fit to Reign. Stellakis has a love for horses and has grown up on a small horse farm in Bridgeport. She received her first horse when she was eight years old, which started her competing in horseback riding competitions.

“I still have horses and I absolutely love them; it is something that I and my mom share,” Stellakis said. Horses are a big part of her life today but when she was 16 years old, she started her career in pageants winning the title of Miss New York Teen USA 2014. “When I won it was a feeling of being completely blessed, ecstatic and excited, interested in what my path would be from there,” Stellakis said.

After winning the first pageant, she went on to compete in the state finals for Miss Earth United States of 2016 and won the title of Miss New York Earth United States 2016. Stellakis was able to get involved with modeling from the pageants by signing with multiple agencies and doing freelance work. “I love traveling the world. Modeling and pageants allow me to travel to different countries,” she said. Her talents do not end there. She is a public speaker, “I am an advocate for SADD, students against destructive decisions, and the Tike or Disease Alliance,” she said.

She speaks around the world on goal setting, how to make healthy choices and picking a safe environment. Along with that, Stellakis will speak on the early detection of lime disease and when to get tested if you get a tick bite. According to Stellakis, when she won her first pageant she got involved with both organizations but SADD was always special to her. It inspired her to be able to advocate against texting and driving because of the loss of a family friend. Along with these organizations, Stellakis started pageant coaching. She travels to different cities coaching seminars for young adults. Directors will ask her to come teach girls how to walk and work on their interview skills. “Throughout the years people have always given me tips but I never personally had a coach. For me, I learned from experience,” she said.

“Balance can be the hardest thing for me because I like to make sure I have time for everything in my life. Family is very important, going to school full time, and starting my own business,” Stellakis said. Stellakis could put all her different passions together by opening Fit to Reign. According to Stellakis, she has always been into fitness and health, but when she competed for Miss New York Earth U.S., she got more into fitness and having a healthy diet. Working with fitness trainers towards her goal made her decide she wanted to work with individuals to help them reach their goals.

Fit to Reign officially opened on September 2, 2017. The title of this studio combines both fitness and being healthy along with pageantry. According to Stellakis, the name of the studio came from their Christianity as well as pageants because Jesus Christ reigns.

“I love helping women become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Fit to Reign” “I think children in this world are not given responsibility at a young age, but having my own horses as a child has let me grow up knowing responsibility,” she said.

Stellakis enjoys seeing the change in people in fitness or pageantry and having Fit to Reign allows her to do both. She can watch the individuals she works with grow in speaking abilities, interviewing people and positively change for the better.

“My biggest piece of advice is know where you want to end up, and if you have a dream, as long as you have a solid foundation around you, you can achieve any goals,” she said.