Communication Breakdown?

By: Mary McCandless

Summer is finally here and with great weather comes many get cookouts, out door events and more. It is a time to gather friends and family and spend some quality time together. The question is, are we really doing just that? Many times when I am with a group of people, whether it is lunch, dinner or an event, we all have our phones in our hands. We are checking this or texting that, what happened to face to face communication? I have sometimes wondered why I bother to participate, when the majority of the time no one is really spending time communicating. We are all guilty of it.

I know that technology has pretty much taken over our brains, so what do we do to fix it? I can remember not that long ago when there were no cell phones. It was a time that when people got together, they really got together. There would be in depth conversations, joking and everyone was a part of it. If you hosted the party or event, you would check in with each person and make sure that you had a lot to say to each person. No one had to worry about what was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other app. There were none available.

Today, the art of connecting with friends is to text, or post on Facebook something I am not fond of. I still believe that people need to have the human factor. It is important to our existence. I do not think that when God made us as social humans, that he would want our most important asset, our brains to be fried. I recently went to a cook out that had great food, with some conversation and then the phones went up. Shortly after that everyone left. It was the shortest cookout that I have ever been to. Hmm, I could have cooked food at home and saved gas.

In 1969, a band called Zager and Evans wrote a song “In the Year 2525.” It was a song that made to number one, and made people think about where our world is going. It is kind of indicative of where we are today. The song progresses in increments of about 10 years, and each verse is where the world is for each segment. Basically, it says that we are not going to need to do much of anything because we are destroying our world, and technology will do it all for us. It is worth going on youtube and giving it a listen.

So, summer is here and it is a perfect time to connect and RE-CONNECT with people. Why not make your parties a “no cell phone” party, even if it is for the first hour. Get your guests to mingle and have real conversations, or even have a water balloon fight, play horseshoes. Get interacting again. Enjoy your guests with face to face talks and share expressions of those talks. I think that a lot of depression is a part of less human interaction and more technology distractions. Also, if you can take 15 minutes out of your day to text, why not just call that person? Have you ever seen the commercial for drugs where they are frying eggs, and they say, “This is your brain on drugs .” Do not let this be your brain with technology.

Happy Summer!